How do we help professional sportspeople?

Sam’s background means we work with many professional footballers. However, our knowledge and experience mean we are perfectly placed to advise professionals from other sports.  

Many sportspeople first join Engage at the early stages of their career, often still living at home but have relatively high earnings. Although this probably hasn’t yet translated into a large bank balance or portfolio of assets. 

We find they value the positive and grounding influence of their family. However, many lack confidence when it comes to their finances and like their family to be involved in the financial planning process; something we welcome and encourage.

We work closely with agents who introduce us to their clients. They have the confidence that we’ll provide the guidance and advice their clients need. After all, as a former professional himself, Sam understands the financial challenges which come from a career in football.  

Our advice helps footballers ensure their income builds long-term security, while still enjoying their success today. 

If you’re a professional footballer or sportsperson, we can help you by: 

  • Putting in place, and then reviewing, a financial plan designed to achieve your aspirations, whatever they are

  • Helping you arrange a mortgage to buy your first home or move to somewhere larger

  • Encouraging you to build good financial habits to take advantage of your position

  • Providing an environment where you can confidently and confidentially discuss your financial concerns 

  • Being a trusted partner to whom you can confidently delegate

  • Providing an independent sounding board for new ideas and big decisions

  • Ensuring that you have the right specialist insurance in place so that both you and those dependant on you are financially secure, even if the worst should happen

  • Looking to the long term and ensuring you build a secure financial future for life after your career in sport

You can learn more about how we help professional sportspeople by watching the videos on this page or by contacting us on 020 3637 7007 to discuss your own situation.


Our client relationships usually start with a coffee and a chat, if there’s something you would like to talk about please call us on 020 3637 7007 or complete the form below.