Evolution not revolution...

Our new and improved website launched last week – www.engagefs.co.uk (for those who haven’t seen it yet). The brief was pretty simple, to make what was already a good website better.

We really wanted to add more videos & social proof to give a better flavour of what we do and how we do it. We wanted to be more focussed on our areas of expertise, without going too far and alienating other people who may want to work with us. We also wanted to give a bit more insight around the wider support team behind the more familiar faces of Engage, and try to show a bit more of our personality.  

The end result is something we’re really proud of. It’s given us definition and structure and will allow us to now focus on the continued development of the business and our processes. We will hopefully continue adding more videos and social proof later in the year to keep things fresh, but we’re certainly happy with what we have for now.

The project was good fun but also hard work. We partnered with Phil Bray and the team at The Yardstick Agency, initially to help us really define our core vision and values and then to develop that into the copy and structure needed to get our key messages across. The team at Yardstick were instrumental in getting us to home in on what we really want our business to become. Together we developed a more refined vision for Engage, the proposition we aim to deliver consistently, and the core values we strive to live and work by.  The more tangible outputs of this included a 15-second elevator pitch, a full style guide and set of key messages we will now consider with every communication we share.

Then once the structure was in place and the site was almost ready to go, it was time for Stevie to take over and start compiling the images and refining the wording to really make the site showcase what Engage are all about. The images are a nightmare, they are so subjective. Then, even if you all agree you like a particular image, it also needs to convey the message you’re trying to get across, and then it needs to fit and work across a multitude of device types and screen sizes. That was a joy to test! I think we went through about 25 different home page images alone which may sound small in isolation but, if you consider the total number of images on the site - each one with a similar level of scrutiny – well, you get the idea….

We put it out there on social media to get some feedback and so far, it’s been predominantly positive. We still have a few tweaks to make, in fact I think it will be a fairly constant evolution, but we have definitely moved on from where we were. Which actually wasn’t a bad starting place at all, so I feel we’re in a really strong position.

Now is the really hard part - making sure we maximise the value of the new site and the work we put in to creating it. It’s all very well us being proud of it, but the ultimate goal is for the right people to see it and to feel that we are a company they'd like to work with.

So, now the focus is on communication and developing our voice. We continue with the blogs, I’m going to write some white papers on specialist topics, we’ve got the podcasts and at some stage I’ll get back to recording the v-logs we started with last year. One thing is for certain, we won’t be lacking effort in our marketing 😊.