Who we work with

We provide advice and support at every stage of life; from accumulating wealth to planning for retirement and leaving a financial legacy. 

This means we work with a diverse range of clients and welcome the variability this brings. However, Sam’s background as a former footballer and now founder of Engage, means we’ve become specialists in working with professional sportspeople and business owners.

Our clients are typically high achievers, younger than those who might traditionally take financial advice, and who have big futures ahead of them. 

If that describes you, we’re here to help. 

We’ll discuss your current situation to understand how you’ve achieved your success, your financial challenges and your long-term aspirations. We also want to understand what matters most to you and what makes you happy.

From there we’ll create a plan, putting you in a great financial position and setting you on a path to achieve your aspirations.

It’s a long-term plan and some aspirations require a degree of patience. Naturally, the plan will evolve to reflect changes to your goals and the curve balls that life occasionally throws. That’s why it’s essential that the planning process is both iterative and collaborative, ensuring you receive the maximum possible benefit. 

Learn more about how we help business owners and professional sportspeople achieve their aspirations.


Business Owners


Professional sportspeople